Building a Gift with Heart

Jeff Walker and his wife Carey Becker began their connection with the Minnesota Zoo more than 20 years ago with a series of Animal Sponsorship donations. As members and later Friends of the Minnesota Zoo, they began a tradition of visiting the Zoo every year on Christmas Eve, loving the smaller crowds and highly active animals.

Jeff and Carey’s relationship to the Zoo and staff grew through programs and events like the Friends donor events where they learned more about all of the pieces that have to come together for the Zoo to function. As their relationship grew, so did their gifts to the Zoo, including donating via Jeff’s employer’s payroll donation program.

While they value the Zoo’s work in conservation and education, they fell in love with the PLACE that brings joy to them and so many other Minnesotans. So when Carey and Jeff started thinking about their estate planning and how its distribution could to reflect what they value most, the Zoo naturally came to mind.

They have designated the Minnesota Zoo Foundation as the recipient of a generous percentage of their estate, becoming the newest members of our Circle of Life Society. They have built a truly remarkable legacy of support and we look forward to seeing them at the Zoo for many years to come!

Circle of Life Society
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