Individual Donors$8,746,336
Government, Groups, Schools$237,425
Events, net of direct benefit$542,616

Net expense over revenue**$7,668,149
Net assets, beginning of year$5480,280
Net assets, end of year$13,148,429

**The Foundation has accumulated net assets due to the recognition of multi-year pledges. These net assets are used in the years that pledge payments are received and expended for grants, program expenses and operations.

In FY19, the Zoo and Foundation agreed to remove budgeting uncertainty by changing the timing for grants to the Zoo. To do this, we adopted the industry best practice whereby funds are raised by the Foundation in one year and distributed to the Zoo in the following year. This resulted in a one-time decrease in the percentage of Foundation revenue spent on programs. This will adjust to normal levels in FY20.
Grants to the Zoo*$1,120,992
Other Grants$371,778
Program Expenses$454,037
General Operations$1,636,234
*Includes in-kind contributions and capital grants

2019 Minnesota Zoo Foundation Audit

2019 990 Tax Form

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