Honor and Memorial Gifts

Gifts were received in honor of:
Ken Angerman
Kaden and Bjorn Aune
Glynn E. Behmen Sr. Family
Rich and Charlotte Buratto
Al and Toni Cady
Candee and Courtney and their love of animals
Anne H. Carter
Ellie Crosby
George Eddy
Helen Everett
Mitchel Gordon and Karen Kiener
Our grandsons who continue to immensely enjoy their
visits to the Minnesota Zoo
Caden Grossman
Taylor Hasling
Tom and Anna Kieselbach
Sara Klasky and David Schmidt
BJ Lemm
Hadleigh Matschiner
Emily and Nolan McCarthy
Matt McLaughlin
Taliesin Montello
Grayson Morse
Lucia Ogren
Andrew Poole
Bill and Teri Popp
Rhino Jeff
Deb Roberts, Wednesday Day Captain
Ellie Schmidt
Palmer Schultz
Jerry Segal
Slow Loris
Caren, Connon, Tarkel,
Vassar and Selius Sossum-Price
Samantha Soulen
Jim Streeter
Lee and Kris Strom
Dallas and Kaitlin
Dawn Walker
Miles Westra
Oz Wolfgang
Ben Wright
Sam Wright

Gifts were received in memory of:
Sam Beattie
Candace Ellen Beaulieu
Bradley Cayan Boardman
Charles Borgman
Betty Brantly
Vivienne Claire Burgess
Andrew and Shane Cadwell
Gerald Clark
David Lehman
Joan DeGreeff
Dina Nailor
Sara Dubin who loved Red Pandas and the MN Zoo
Art Fish
Marlys Garmer
Rob Greene
Anne Hatch
Eric Hayes
Elayne Hengler
Beatrice Horne
Doris Jacoby
Jean Luc
Janelle Klapperich
Violet Knutson
Missy Kramer
Eli Krisnik, our little angel
Kathy LaPitz Harmon
Mark Largent
Finnegan James Dauphin Leinonen
Gilmore James Loeffler, outdoor and nature lover
Adeline Joanne Lorenzen
Mr. William E. Mullin
Ray Parker
Roger and Diane Peterson
Brecken Kai Poppe
Andrew Redline
William David Romans
Margaret A. Sherman
Loretta Sieben
James H. Streater
Gregory Taylor
Keith Troyer
Warren Upson
Rene Van der Haeghen
Gretchen Windschitl

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