Individual and Family Fund Donors

° Staff

Carmen and Jim Campbell, The Campbell Foundation
Chet and Sharon Ellingson / The Sharon and Chester Ellingson, III Fund
K.A.H.R. Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999
Peter Maritz and Charlene Jundt / Maritz Donor Advised
          Fund of the Women’s Foundation
Bob and Celeste Rekieta

$25,000 – $49,999
Al and Toni Cady
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
Mark and Dawn Larsen – Larsen Fund
Jeannine Rivet and Warren G. Herreid II
Stacey Smith and Terry Symanietz

$10,000 – $24,999
Charles H. Clay Family CLAT Trust
Janis Clay and Elam Baer
Sheldon and Carol Clay
Steven and Amy Clay
Ellie Crosby / The Longview Foundation
Ken and Linda Cutler
John and Jean Geisler / Geisler Family Foundation
Dan and Marty Gilbert
Kevin and Susie Green
Raymond Hall
Joyce Huff
John and Paula Kelly / Kelly Family Fund
Chuck and Jill Koosmann
Ross Kramer
Julie Kunkel and Tom Hall
Phyllis M. Maritz
Mary McVay / McVay Foundation
Tim Mulcahy and Cate Curry
Brianna and Kyle Nelson / Bruce and Deb Thomas Foundation
The S. Bartley Osborn Family Charitable Trust
Kathy Patten-Marsh
Patricia Ronning / GPS Family Foundation
David Schmidt^ and Sara Klasky^ / Schmidt Family Fund
The Straquadine Family (Anthony, Judi, Marie, Joshua & Nora)
Nancy Sweet
Frank and Gina Weidner

$5,000 – $9,999
Kari and Cody Blotske
Will and Judy Branning
Steve and Jennifer Frenz
Ryan and Ann Gage
Eric and Tammy Galler
John and Suzanne Gappa
Blake and Lori Grams
Roger Griffith and Jean Taylor
James, Laurie, and Kate Hayes
Roberta W. Hedge^
Roland and Ranee Jacobus / Jacobus Family Foundation
Justin and Dustee Jenkins
Kyle and Amanda Johnson
Alan and Judith Johnston
Juliana and Kevin Kelly / Helios Foundation
Matrix Foundation
Jim Mayer and Rochelle Gunn
Thomas and Susan McCarthy
Scott and Maggie McGurl
Scott and Sarah Morgan / The Morgan Family Giving Fund
Susan Morisato and Tom Remec
Mark and Katie Mortenson
Laura and David Newinski
Janice Post-White and Duane White / White Family Fund
Joe and Sam Ravens Miraglia
Becki Sanford
Becky^ and Mike Stinson
Dick Vogel and Pat Slaber / Pat Slaber & Dick Vogel Charitable Fund
Todd and Dee Anne Watchmaker
Aurora Young and Jon Stenseth
Susan and Steve Zimmerman

$2,500 – $4,999
Judee Arnstein and Michael Lindsay
Ford and Amy Bell
Ronald and Dorothy Boyum
Robert and Sandra Burch
Mari Buscher Romero / Buscher Foundation
Audrey J. Clay / The Clay Family Fund
Lisa Cochran
David and Margaret Cochrane
Patricia M. Cook, M.D.
Aimée and David Dayhoff
Chad and Maggie Dayton
Lora Dittbenner
Mary C. Dolan / The Longview Foundation
Steve and Spencer Eddy
Alan and Lollie Eidsness
Scott and Kiki Erickson
Peter and Tam Erickson
Christine and Harold Foglesong
Robert and Gretchen Freeman
Michael Garrison
Megan and Daniel Goodrich
Ray and Marian Gritche
Suzanne and Paul Hanifl
Tony Hayden and Monica Nusser
Martha Head / The Head Family Foundation
Elizabeth Horst and JP Gresh
Sarah and Elizabeth Horst
Franz and Kersten Jevne / Edward Dayton Family Fund
Ray and Sue Johnson
Keith and Karen Kaestner / Keith and Karen Kaestner Charitable Gift Fund
Joe and Cathy Kalkman
Eric and Katherine Kirchner / The Steven L and Jan L Kirchner
          Family Foundation
Chelsea and Jonah Klevesahl
Edward and Pat Kuklock
Dave and Sandy Kvamme
Peter Lee and Wenlan Cheng
Mike and Stephanie Leinonen
Steven Leuthold and Sharon Hovey / Steven C. Leuthold
          Family Foundation
Dana Lindsay and Tim Pabst
The Longview Foundation
Molly and Corey Lorenzen
Richard and Juanita Luis
Katy Marvin Kirchner and John Kirchner / Marvin/Kirchner Family Fund of
          The Minneapolis Foundation
Dick and Joyce McFarland / Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund
Milo and Mary Meland
Stephen and Elizabeth Miller
Christopher and Amanda Mulfinger
Daniel and Victoria Neff
Phil & Cassy Ordway / Nushka Fund
Quannah Parker-McGowan and Conor Green
Elizabeth and Ben Peake
Tracy Peterson and Matthew Goettsch
Teri and Bill Popp
Lynne Rasmussen and Brian O’Connell
Andrew Reichow
Sara and Peter Ribbens / White Pine Fund
Gary^ and Marcia Richter
Morgan, Dennis and Melva Saliny
Tom and Sharon Simpson
Larry Stoller^ and Meleia Jordan
Rita Vallet
Karel M. Weigel
Margaret Wurtele
James and Janice Zicarelli / Zicarelli Foundation

$1,000 – $2,499
Anonymous (7)
Michael Abegg
Claire and Peter Abeln / The Peter and Claire Family Giving Fund
Thomas and Amara Abood
Max and Kimberly Alschlager
Katherine Anders and Andrew Will-Holmberg
John Apitz and Mary Magnuson
Collette and Christopher Appert
Madison Appert
Nancy and John Arbogast
Travis Barkve / Travis Barkve Charitable Fund
Melanie and Mark Baumhover
Mathew Beaulieu
Carey Becker and Jeff Walker
Michael and Ellen Bendel-Stenzel
Michael Blum and Abigail Rose
Laura and Brett Bordelon
Susan^ and Gary Boyd
Sharra and Erik Brockman
William Brody and Bronwen Cound / William J. Brody and
          Bronwen L. Cound Fund
Stuart and Lynn Brown
Jan Burry and Richard Garcia
Megan and Brian Caauwe
Frank Cannella
Patrick and Kelcia Cannon
Johanna Carrane
Marcia and Richard Carthaus
Michael and Nancy Casey
Leslea and John Caswell
Cecil and Penny Chally
Shirley Chambers and Felicia Ahrens
Grace Chou and Jason Suss
The Cliff Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of
          Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Kip and Kathy Colwell / John and Kathryn Colwell Family Fund
Michael Conley
Connie Crane and Doug Rausch
Becky and Mike Creglow
Norm and Michelle Creveling
Kathleen Cripps
Darryl Cuddy and Kristin Ruble
Ken Darling
Donna Daubendiek and Robert Samuelson
Jon and Jami Day
Andrew Dayton
Rebecca and Scott DeGroot
Brad Dobski / The Brad Dobski Fund
Douglas B. Dudgeon
Adrienne English Scrimshaw and Joshua Scrimshaw
Bridget and Sean Ennevor
Mike and Dawn Erlandson
Edie Ernst*
Jeffrey and LeeAnn Ettinger
Shannon Evenstad
Stephen and Laura Feltes
Dianne and Craig Fields
Alida and Michael Fischbach
Gwenyth Fischer and Dustin Grossbier
Scott and JoAnn Fleming
Randall and Loree Flick
Laura Folden
Jay and Christine Ford
Heidi and John Franceschelli
James and Annette Frawley
John° and Anita Frawley
Karen Garvin and Jan Brundige
Hannah Gerlicher and Nathan Schneider
Susan Gerstner and Dan Carlsen
Jim and Patty Gleeson
Kate and Michael Glode
Duane Gorder
Sarah Griffiths and Barbara Delaney
Tony° and Cathy Grundhauser
Jim^ and Nancy Guerino
Jennifer and Steven Gullickson
Daniel and Diane Hallberg
Jack Hansen and Joan Legare Hansen / The Lumabel Charitable Fund
Diane M. Hanson
Karyle Hanson
Shari and Kerry Haugrud
Sue and Jason Haus
Joy^ and Jim Hayenga
Ed and Marla Heffernan / Edward and Marla Heffernan Charitable Fund
Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Joel and Deb Hendrickson
Nicole and Shannon Henry
Michael and Heather Hille
Lon Hitch and Marilyn Sue Feigal-Hitch
Libby and Ed Hlavka / The Alces Trust
Kelly Holcomb
Anthony and Claudia Hondlik
Michael and Elizabeth Hopfenspirger
Rachel and Michael Hughey
Adam Isaacson and Ibeth Arias
Val and Chris Jackson / Jackson Family Charitable Fund
Belinda Jacobson
Susie^ and Steve Jedlund
Warren and Barbara Jeffers
Lynn and Tim Jessen
Dale and Wilma Johnson
Leigh and Judy Johnson
Mark Robert Johnson
Thad and Suzanne Johnson / Thad and Suzanne Johnson Charitable Fund
Amanda Kaeding and Jay Bibelheimer
James and Stephanie Kent
Greg and Gail Kenton / Kenton Family Fund
Mary Kenzie / The Mary L Kenzie Foundation
Angie and Jeremy King
Michelle and James King
Scott and Morgan Kirchner
Lynn Kirk
Brian Kleinke and Erin Winchell
Richard Kline^
Karen Knott and Sonia Olson
Pat Koors^
Rahul Koranne and James Watchke-Koranne
Philip Kortz^
Diane^ and Larry Kouba
Earl and Heather Krueger
Derek and Leslie Kuehn
Karyn Kujawa and Peg Zurfluh
Carol and Bill Lahti
Ms. Susan M. Larkin^
Marilyn^ and Curt Larsen
Jamie and Eric Lawrence
Wendy Willson Legge and Gordon Legge
Larry and Jean LeJeune
Laura Leonhardt
John and Vicky Lettmann
Rob and Liz Lichner
Sarah and David Lilja
Lisa and Matt Lilla
Melissa and Lynn Lindsay
Jared Linsly^ and Marisa Cuneo-Linsly
Jennifer and Jeffrey Little
Lee and Sue Maggs
Stephen and Cassandra Makousky
Sarah and Matthew Marcus
Caitlin, Rob, and Willa Marlotte / Marlotte Family Fund
Jodene and David Marquis
Thomas and Rebecca Mattison
Matthew and Alex McCarthy
Susan and Edwin McCarthy
Lisa and Mike McGinn
Christine M. McKnight
Justin and Stephanie McNeilus
Sean and Audra McNicholas
Michael Melendez-Hewson and Christi Melendez
Susan Mellman
Eric Michael and Josh Hillger
Gary and Joyce Miller
Greg and DeLonne Miller
Gail and Phillip Minerich
Theresa Mish
Bob and Lucy Mitchell / The Longview Foundation
Shanelle and Christopher Montana
Julie Morgan and Vicki Anderson
Linda Moser
Luke and Laura Motschenbacher
Susan Muench
Samantha Capen Muldoon and Paul Muldoon
Karen and Michael Mullery
Katherine B. Murphy / Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation
Krysia and Larry Nagel
Philip and Katherine Nason Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Seth and Elizabeth Nelsen
Erik and Karen Nelson
Nikki Nethercot-Niermann and Micah Niermann
George and Susan Niece
David and Billie Novy
Tim and Marisa Nybo
Cory and Nate Ober
Timothy O’Connor and Charlene Goeman
Judith and James O’Donnell
Eugene and Julie Ollila
Carolyn Olson and Eric Brandes
Jeremy Olson
Paul F. Olson^
John and Marla Ordway
Amy Owen
Mike and Kori Parish / Salem Foundation, Inc.
Paula Patineau
Jeffrey and Susan Patnode
Governor Tim Pawlenty and Judge Mary Pawlenty
Jon and Erin Penne
Kent Peterson and Kristina Villones
MaryKay and Doug Pewowaruk
Buzz and Carolyn Pierce
Vanessa and Marc Post
Michele and John Potts / John and Michele Potts Family Charitable Fund
Jennifer and Eric Przybilla
Corriann Huston
Raj Rajan and Kavitha Sitaram
Kathy and Sean Reilly
James and Kahoru Reinert
Kathy Rice and Greg Loek
Mike and Christina Ricke
David Ridley and Elvia Moreta
Lucas and Petra Riedi
Brian and Calie Ries
Marian and L. Randal Rippy / Rippy Family Fund
Kelly and Rocky Robbert
Katie and Kyle Roggenbuck
Joanne and Jonathan Rogoff
Brianne and Holly Rose
Juliana Rupert
Cyndi S, John H, and Audra M
Brian Salter
Nancy Sand^
Donald and Linda Sandberg
Stephen and Karen Sanger / Sanger Family Foundation
Frank and Stacy Sarno
Hugh Schilling
Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Lacy and Tom Schwarze
Sharon and Kurt Schwarze
Stephen and Mary Beth Seidlitz
Robert and Kari Sentz
Susan Setina / Susan Setina Giving Account
Robin and Steve Silverman
Vickie and Gerard Skala
Helene and Jeff Slocum
Corrine^ and Sheldon Smith
Merna Smith^
Benjamin Speakman and Sigrid Rea
Kelsey Stedman
Patricia Stedman
George and Linda Steiner
Carol and Marty Sterner
Scott and Lynne Stevens
Ronald and Jayne Sticha
Chris Styndl
Naomi and Timothy Tatarek
Doug and Sally Taylor
Saul Taylor
Bruce and Deb Thomas
Paul and Joanne Tollison
William and Deborah Tomczyk
Beth Troyer
Kimberly and Scott Tulgren
Stephanie and Erik Tulgren
Virginia Turba
John Ullmann and Wendy Tai
Mark and Julia Utz
Bryan and Carissa Vincent
Joann Von Blon / Sawmill Trust
Melanie and Charlie Wahlquist
Mark and Terri Walker / Walker Family Foundation
Michael Walker and Geoffrey Driver
R. Kirk and Angie Weidner
Ellan Welniak
Craig and Meredith Westman
Susan and David Windschitl
Eleanor and Frederick Winston / The Longview Foundation
Gail Wold
Laurette Wood
Arno Wuenschmann
Andrew and Ginny Zarras


$500 – $999
Anonymous (3)
Nancy and Bill Althoff
Michele and Kenneth Alwin / Kenneth M. Alwin & Michele L. Alwin
          Charitable Fund
Sumanth and Jen Ambur
Brent Andersen
Irene Andersen
Anne and Gary Anderson
Peter Anderson and Ginny Marvin
Argall Hibbs Foundation
Cynthia Arnold and Peter Stahl / The Cleopatra Fund
Joshua and Amy Asleson
Sandeep Bahadur and Shruti Joshi
Baillon Family Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey and Susan Bakken
William Ballard
Dustin and Tonya Barth
Tina and Adam Barylak
Anna Belu and Bruce Lemmons
Vicki Belz
Judith Belzer and Jeremy Waldman / Judith Belzer and
          Jeremy Waldman Fund
Andrew and Audrey Benjamin
Pamela Bennett
Andy and Julia Berg
Tracy and Bryan Birch
Thomas and Linda Bluml
Wolfgang and Linda Boss
Carol V. Bossman
Ann Bottorff
Mary S. Bowman
Roger and Diane Brack
Natalie Braun and Kelly Schreiner
Jeffrey and Kelly Brigham
Charlene Briner
Brian Brown and Liz Gerlach
Jessica and Tyesha Brown
MaryAnn and William Brown
Diane and Kristin Bruder
Carrie and Brian Buhl
Susan and Russell Burton
Ronald and Martha Caldwell
Gary and Joan Capen / Capen Family Fund
Kyle and Brittany Chester
David Chizek M.D.
Karen and Tamzen Cohen
Michelle and Michael Colbert
Sheri White Commers° and Paul Commers
Shelly and Erin Conley
Debra and Charles Connelly
Liz Crawley
Michael and Stacey Crosby
Stephanie Daily and James Hughes
Jeffrey and Joanne Davidson
Pam and Ed D’Avignon
Perris and Patrick Deppa
Mary and Jason Detherow
Kristi Devick Beek
Tricia and Doug Dirks
Bob^ and Linda Ditmore
Sandi and Larry Dole
Kathy Drazen and Oliver Pittenger
Susan and Wallace Droegemueller
Peter Eisenberg and Mary Cajacob
Rick and Tammy Ekstrand / Ekstrand Family Donor Advised Fund
Lorraine Eliason
Heidi and Alyse Emanuel
Chad and Andrea Engel
Jennifer and Todd Englund
Matthew Eppel
Kenneth Epstein
Jessica and Adam Erickson
Andrew and Casi Finstad
Tom and Elizabeth Flavin
Elizabeth and Justin Fletcher
Jody Forsman
Jean and Woody Fountain
Jonathan Franke
Travis and Cortney Franklin
Dave Frazier°
Mark and Joan Frey / The Mark & Joan Frey Charitable Fund
Chris Galler and Caryn Sullivan
Kristine and Joseph Gaustad
Justin and Amber Gehring
Steven and Mary Goldstein
Rob and Jenn Graff
Amy and Stephen Graves
Bill and Heather Gray
Bethany and Chad Griffith
Patrick Gruber and Angela Teats
Brian Haas and Susan Argall Haas
Richard and Susan Hadley / McCormick Hadley Family Fund
Wesley and Denise Hanna
Sally Hart and Robert van Tyn
Lori and Robert Haselman
Jody and Elizabeth Hassing
Jennifer and Eric Hathaway
Scott Hawkinson
Charles and Andrea Hays
Randall and Teresa Hillson
Jeffrey W. and Sue T. Hine
Stanley and Jane Hooper
Ronald Howard and Anne McDonald Howard
Meredith Howell
Hoyt Hsiao and Zhen Zhen Luo
David and Stacey Hurrell
Jill and Greg Idrizow
Amy Irvin and Peter McCloud
J Jacobson
Marissa and Jeremiah Jacobson
Kerri Jamison and Adam Arvidson
Ralph Jenson and Catherine Wolfe-Jenson
Dean Allen and Barbara Jongquist
Andrea and Brian Kalis
Stuart Kane
Debra Karger
Andrew and Virginia Kass
Brad and Linda Kennedy
Christopher and Michele Kennedy
Scott and Melinda Key
Patricia G. Kielb
Wendy and Don Kitzmann
Eileen and Steven Klemm
Catherine and Brad Kline
David Korus
Nathan and Elizabeth Kro
Valerian and Carolyn Kuechle
Stephen Lillyblad
David and Vicki Lind
Deb and Tom Lindsay
MaryAnn and Drew Lippay
William Long
Cheng Lor and Le Tuyet Hong
Christina Lui and Karl Hill / Karl Hill and Christina Lui Giving Fund
Bill Lurton / H. William Lurton Foundation
Linda Lutz
Martha and Mara MacMillan
Tara Matthews Lafferty and Paul Lafferty
Christy and Patrick McCain
Dianne and Charlie McCain
Walter McCarthy and Clara Ueland / Greystone Foundation
George McGowan
The McGuire Family / The Vanessa Brown-McGuire Family Charitable Fund
Mary Ann McNeil and David Higgins
Kimberly and Tom McReavy
Anne Meehan and Luis Porrata
Andrew and Sarah Meister
Maria and Samantha Melendez
Kristi and Dale Mensch
Messer Family Giving Fund
Mark and Sara Migliori
Mike and Robin Miller
Lynne Mills / Lynne M. Mills Fund
Carol and James Moller
Becky and Chris Moody
Michael and Lisa Moore
Patrick Moore and Moriah Demers
Walter Moore / The Moore Family Charitable Fund
Josh More
Jon and Stacy Mrozek
Steven and Rachel Mudek
Ken and Patty Mulcahy
Mary Murphy Kruse and Rod Kruse
Kimberly and Matthew Naruko-Stewart
Andrea Nazarian
Karin Nelsen
Dennis Nelson and Barb Franta / Dennis G. Nelson and
           Barbara A. Franta Family Fund
Edward and Beverly Nelson
Lee and Karen Newcomer
Richard and Joan Newmark / Richard and Joan Newmark Fund
Gloria and Michael Niehans
Wallace and JoAnn Niklaus
Louis and Chris Oberhauser
Kathleen Olona
Jennifer Olson
Thomas and Meredith Olson
John and Marla Ordway Charitable Lead Trust
Jay and Jodi Palda
Ryan and Aly Palmer
Tamaira Patton
Katherine and Charles Paurus
Joe^ and Dardra Pawlikowski
Troy and Linda Peifer / The Peifer Family Fund
John and Elizabeth Pepas
Jen and Tommy Peterson
Joshua and Allison Peterson
Lori A. Peterson
Jennifer and Charles Phelps
Sean and Jane Pirtle
Deb Placek-Peterson and Gregg Peterson
Deborah Di Placido
Christine Popp and Beth Decker
Richard and Lois Quinn
Juan and Marcie Rameriz
Michael Raymond
Ralph and Sharyl Reinheimer
Timothy and Carol Risdal
Laurie Rivard
Suzy and David Robertson
Mary Beth Robinson
John Rodriguez
Robert Roediger and Cheryl Nelson Roediger
Paul and Amy Rolland
Scott and Lisa Rollin
Robert Rosenbaum and Maggie Gilbert
Jennifer and Edwin Ryan / Ryan Family Donor Advised Fund
Paul and Pat Sackett
Georgie and Jim Saumweber
Tim and Mindy Schatz
Bill and Darlene Schneider
Rick and Sally Schouveller / Westley Family Fund
Jennifer and Greg Sell
John Sellner
Kelly Shelquist
Patricia and Christopher Sherrill
George and Denise Shouse
Jonathan and Nora Sillerud / The Jonathan Sillerud and Nora Andersen
          Sillerud Family Fund
Michele°^ and Tom Smith
Doug and Susan Stang
Natalie Stephens^
Marcia M. Stevens
Stephanie Stevens
Nancy^ and Denis Stoddard
Eric and Tammy Stratton
Sara Stutsman
Heidi and Jacob Sundquist
Philip Swenson and Roxanne Krause
Marleen and Rich Tanzer
Brenda° and Mark Teats
Brian and Sara Thomas
Jennifer and David Thompson
Kelli and Christian Thompson
Douglas Tiede°
Daniel and Alyssa Tolbert
Karen and James Touchi-Peters
Mitchell and Ashton Tramp
Doyle and Dana Trankel
David and Karen Tsurusaki
Jon and Marie Tuhy
Paul and Carissa Tyler
Faye Ulrich
Charlotte Van der Haeghen
DeAnna Van Poll and Sean Lennes
Kris and Chris Venning
Ryan Vernosh and Sara Gramer
David Vogt
John Wagner
Ronald and Denise Wagner
Erin and Michael Waldman / Judith Belzer and Jeremy Waldman Fund
Janice and Joel Walters
Kylissa and Nicholas Ward
James and Patricia Watson
Chuck and Autumn Way
Thomas Webster and Zachary Hardin
Denise Wedel
Carol and Jeff Wingard
Jane^ and Dennis^ Wippermann
Brenda and Roy Wirth
Denise Wolff and Jennifer Pradt
Richard Wren
Marlene Ytterboe^

$250 – $499
Ramy Abdelfattah and Sarah Hussein
Thomas and Camila Abraham
Deanne Adams
Maggie and Jon Adlum
Paul and Ann Aeschliman
Andrey and Diana Afanasyer
Jose Aguirre and Jaqueline Reyes
Emin and Britny Aklik
Sarah and Jeremy Alford
Holly and John Alfveby
Brooke and Dominic Allocco
Linda and James Amsterdam
Alison and Shawn Amundson
Artemus and Lori Anderkay
Charles and Amanda Anderson
Gayle and Michael Anderson
Heather Anderson and Ryan Schroeder
Jane and Natalie Anderson
Judy Anderson
Michelle and Isaac Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Rachel and Tim Anderson
Michael Andresen and Katherine Moerke
Joshua and Hilary Andrew
Sheri and Allan Angen
Alex Anyake and Lea Ekochin
Justine and Kory Aretz
Leah and Christopher Armstrong
David and Sarah Arndtsen
Beverly and Richard Arten
Elizabeth Astleford
Jane and Bob Atwood
David and Kathleen Axtell
Marilyn and Richard Bach
Lindsay Bacigalupo and Jon Ewert
Mike and Niki Bahl
Susan Bailey
Margaret and Mark Bakko
Irene and Jack Ball / Jack and Irene Ball Fund
Molly and Mark Baranczyk
John Baranick and Yvonne Courtney-Baranick
Kelly and Frederick Barlage
Anna and Jon Barsness
Robert and Gail Barsness
Marissa and Andre Barte
Nicholas and Karen Basil
Alyssa and Sunday Bassey
Debra Battenfeld and Josh Lynch
Craig and Kay Beal
Glen Bean
Channing and Anastasiya Beaudry
Dennis and Susan Bechly
Aaron and Maggie Becklin
Geoffrey and Pharon Beek
Jamison and Lauren Beek
John Bell
LeRoy and Sheryl Bendickson
Joel Benham and Jaydin Clouse
Diana and Pat Bensen
Scott and Michele Bentz
Phyllis Berg and Harry Burke
Derek and Elizabeth Berger
Kenneth and Sandra Berger
Megan and Sam Berger
Mary Bergeron
Eric and Lidsay Bergman
Benjamin and Amber Bergstrom
Jamie and Jesse Bergstrom
Robert and Pamela Berkwitz
Susan and Grant Bernardy
Pattie and Michael Betz
Debbie Biddick
Elisha and Julia Biel
Summer and Scott Bielke
Vernon and Sandra Binger
Angela and Roger Birnbaum
Kurtis and Adrienne Bishop
Brian H. Bix
Pamela and Carl Bjerke
Bjorn and Elena Bjorklund
Laura and Daniel Black
Spencer and Sharon Blackie
Timothy Blackstone and Jolynn Choy
Russell and Suzanne Bockstedt
Bob and Erin Boerschel
Nancy Bogue
Stephanie and Tyler Bohan
Rachel and Kyle Bohman
Susan and Paul Bohnsack
Christopher Bolin and Jonathan Dixon
Debbie Bonner
Daniel and Barbara Bonsteel
Leah and Don Boomsma
Susan Boren and Steve King
Lowell and Walda Borgen
Mark and Marie Borgen
Sarah and Peter Borgen
Dawn and Tim Borgstahl
Sara and James Bornes
Anna and Donnie Boroff
Marie Bouley and Alan Ciesielczyk
Alyson and Jacob Bowman
Ron and Dayle Boyce
Thomas Boyce
Kelly and Ryan Boyer
Stacie and John Boyer
Elaine Brahms
Steve and Gail Brand
Maynard Brandt
Trista and Samuel Brauer
Julianne and Gordon Braun
Tim and Claudia Braun
Emily and Michael Breen
Katelyn and Peter Brewer
Linda Briles
Nick and Karin Brinkhoff
Jennifer and Brent Broden
Melissa and Jason Brommerich
Julie and Daniel Brooks
Brad and Marlane Brown
Donald and Adelyn Brown
Nancy and Gary Brown
Peter Brown and Anna Larsson
Phillip Brown
William and Sheila Brown
Kathy Brummond
Glenda and Warner Bunker
Janet and Bill Bunker
Bridget and Jeffrey Burk
John and Elisabeth Burrow
Michael and Sharon Burstein
Sean and April Burton
Donna and Jerry Buseman
Sherrie and Thomas Busse
Ellen Butler
Mathew and Lynnelle Campeau
Karen and Braden Canfield
Charles and Briana Carlson
Joan and W. Hane Carlson
Mary and John Carlson / John and Mary Jo Carlson Giving Fund
Molly and Matt Carlson
Nateira and Lorraine Carlson
Susan Carlson^
Thomas and Marilyn Carman
Bridget Carruth
Pamela and Cori Carter
Robert and Diana Carter
Tess and Tim Caskey
Gregg Chandler and Barbara Mundahl
Carly and Chauncey Charlson
Jon and Sherri Chiglo
Hyun Cho and Kristine Yen
Nancy and Thomas Chrisfield
Georgette and Charlotte Christensen
Lisa and Kyle Christensen
Natalie and Ryan Christensen
Howard and Sheri Christenson
Stephen L. Christenson
Gary and Gretchen Christianson
Patricia and LeRoy Christofferson
Nicole Christopher and Michael Stevens
Chris and Caroline Church
Anita and Daniel Clare
Christopher and Katharine Clark
Debby and Michael Clark
Leonard and Susanne Clark
Lori and Robert Clark
Teresa and Tom Clark
Timothy Clark
Anne and Bradley Clarkin
Julie Claseman Nissen
Chris Claude
Roberta and Greg Clausen
Jeff and Susannah Clear
Caroline Cochran and Tim Christopherson
Warren and Susanne Cohen
Joshua and Heidi Colburn
Elisabeth Comeaux° and Dan Dressen
Shirley Comeaux
Madeleine Conley and Jimena McCann
Melinda° and Patrick Conness
Tasha and Ryan Conway
Monique and Bill Cooley
Jeffrey and Janet Cooper
Rex and Scott Cooper
Joshua Cooper-Kuhn
Beverly Cooper-Wiele
Pat Corbett and Duane Cartier
Jennifer and Matthew Cords
Charles and Nancy Cornwell
Colleen Correll and Adam Ariano
Marci and Alan Cosentino
Karen and Bruce Cotton
Robin and David Councilman
Lawrence and Kathryn Cox
Peter and Sandra Coyle
Kenneth and Gwen Crabb
James and Roberta Craig
Robert Crone and Mary Cameron-Crone
Stewart and Lesley Crosby
Jason and Kara Cross
Karayn Cunnington
Nancy Cuno-Schmitz and Jeffery Schmitz
Paul & Patricia Curran Foundation
Paul and Kathleen Czerniak
David and Laurie Dahl
Dawn and Les Dahlberg
Joanne and David Dalby
Jessie and Sean Daley
Cecilia M. Dammeyer
Veronica and Michael Dammeyer
Gina and Matthew Danich
Jessica and Matthew D’Antonio
Matt and Alyssa Daugs
Charme and Robert Davidson
Amy° and Erik Davis
Ellis R. Davis
Jessica and Trey Davis
Richard Davis and Sandy Holle
Joseph and Shelby De Jarnett
Mary and Eduardo De la Cruz
Catherine Dean
Edward and Jenifer Dean
Meaghan and Brian Decker
Vicky and Steven Deering
Daniel and Brenda Dekker
Ashley and Frederick Deleon
Robin DeLong
Sylvia DeLong-Onak and Morgan Onak
Pamela and Eric DeMaster
Gia and Louis DeMedici
Michelle DeMers and Kelly Nyblom
Charles M. Denny, Jr. and Carol E. Denny Fund of the
          Minneapolis Foundation
Michael and Laurel Dercks
Jennifer Derheim and Terry Coughlin
Jackie DesMarais-Finke and Dusty Finke
David and Sharon Detert
Sean and Brenda Devlin
Richard and Mary Lu Dietz
Monica and James Dillenburg
John and Sandra Dimond
Elizabeth and Alex Dixon
Beth and Craig Doeden
Mary and Kristian Dolan
Damon and Maria Doty
John and Alex Doty
Ryan Dressen and Joy Andersen
Jennifer and Brian Dressler
Joy and Dave Drummond
Melissa and Erik Dumonceaux
Gregg Duncan and Betsy Lee Duncan
James and Linda Duncan
Kevin and Carrie Duncan
Anne and Stephan Dunning
JoAnn L. Durham
Nicole and Aaron Dwyer
Carla and David Dykstra
Mark Edmonds and Cora Peterson
Suzanne Edwards
David and Suzanne Edwardy
Kathryn and Paul Ehlen
Alissa and Myron Ehrich
Kari and Brian Eickhoff
Laura and Paul Ekholm
Laura and Shane Ellenburg
Mary and Steven Elleraas
Courtney and Ryan Elling
Matthew and Cynthia Elumba / Elumba Family Fund
Kelly and Bradley Elvestad
Jason and Robin Engen
Misty Engler Daleiden and Mike Daleiden
Jessica and Michael Epp
Eleanor Epstein
Marie and Paul Epstein
Sally Ericksen
Lana and Andy Erickson
Margaret and Thomas Erickson
Marit and Justin Ernesti
Vicky Ernst
Eric Estabrook and Lori Wiita
Shawna and Christopher Evans
Michael Fasching and Britt Gilbertson
Cynthia Fashant Collins^ and Michael Collins
Sonya and Keyleigh Fehn
Brian and Ashlee Feldhake
Alexandra and Travis Feller
David Fey and Katie Swanson
Benjamin and Rebecca Field
Amy and Andrew Fields
Bryce Fischer
Lauren Fithian and Guy Hardy
Adam and Jessica Fitzpatrick
Susan and Steven Flack
Brian and Erin Fletcher
Jeffrey Foels and Kelly Nail
Gail Foote
Thomas and Sarah Foote
Travis and Tonya Forgey
Brianna Forsman and Jordan Manderfield
Elizabeth and David Foster
Cheryl Fox and Jay Miller
David and Margene Fox
Nicole and Chris Fox
Teresa and Patrick Fraher
Joan and John Frank
Kelly and Jim Frankenfeld
Sarah Frazier
Sheryl and Jay Fredericks
Patricia Freeburg
Colleen and Kurt Freiberg
David Friedman and Rose Daniels
Joel Friedman
Fred and Marie Friswold
Hollis Fritts and Nancy Kallio
Marjorie Frost
Margaret Funk
Christine and Edward Gage
Colleen and Anna Gaichas
Jenna and Susan Galazen
Preston Garbett and Amanda Sullivan
Meghan and Benjamin Gardner
Katie and Andrew Garner
Mary Gaskins
James and Donna Gasperlin
Andrea Gates
Lisa and Dan Gauper
Bonnie and Amy Gauquie
James and Joyce Gay
Jeffrey Geier and Catherine Brown
Heidi and Howard Gilbert
Charles Gilbertson
Patrick Gillis and Peggy Gazzola
Abra and Scott Gillman
Scott and Audra Glidden
Diane and Samuel Godfrey
Diane and Ellen Goding
Ehrhard and Bonnie Goebel
Dale and Ellen Goettsch
Stuart Goldstein and Jolene Smith
Julio and Imelda Gonzalez
Zachary and Erin Grage
Julianne and Darrick Graham
Nancy and Gary Grammens
Alan and Ginny Grant
Susan and Robert Grant
Todd F. Grant
Pat and Al Grazzini
Heidi and Seth Greenwaldt
Nathan and Melissa Griffin
Suzanne and Kendall Griffith
Keralyn and Mark Groff
Stanley and Melissa Gromer
Anne Marie Gromme
Curtis and Johanna Groth
Grace and Ryan Grunewald
Amy and Julie Gudmestad
Jessica and Derek Gunderson
Paul and Patricia Gust
Elizabeth and Andrew Gustafson
Jeffrey and Mary Gustavson
Rick and Joyce Gwizdala
Ryan and Katie Habeger
Kate and Paul Habegger
Justin and Kathryn Halbe
Patricia Halko and David Spoor
Glenn S. Haller, M.D.
Pat and John Halloran
Sherry and George Hammond
Darren and Corrina Hanifl
Lisa Hankins
Justin and Stephanie Hanley
Barbe and Eric Hansen
Steve and Jill Hansen
Dennis and Kathy Hanson / Dennis R. Hanson Fund
Linda and Laird Hanson
Nathan and Rachel Hanson
Pierce and Lonetta Hanson
Richard and Sharon Hanson
Johanna and Chris Hanssen
Throy and Calie Hanuman
Valorie and Jerry Harlow
Steven Harmer
Karen and Jeffrey Hart
Roxanne Harvey
Michael and Patricia Hatch / The Patricia G. Hatch Revocable Trust
Diane and Robert Hawkins
Rick° and Sheri Hawley
Van Zandt Hawn and Elizabeth Hawn / Hawn Family Fund of
          The Minneapolis Foundation
Ben and Lizzie Hays
Greg and Barb Hedlund
Amanda Hegreberg
Sarah and Peter Heim
Katrina and Harold Heinze
Jon and Karen Helgason
Stefan and Lonnie Helgeson
LeeAnn Hendrickson
Noah Hendrickson
Elayne* and Ken* Hengler
Molly and Kyle Henkemeyer
John Hering and Matt Vonk
Peter and Georgene Herlofsky
Kathryn and James Herman
Thomas and Beth Herring
Jonathan and Lee Herum
Sue and Mike Hesse
James and Susan Hetland
Elizabeth Heyman and Matthew Goldberg
Robert and Patrice Hicks
Jeff and Diane Higgins
Sean Higgins and Sarah Winge
Megan and Garrett Hilk
Julieanna and Aaron Hinck
Paul and Peggy Hirsch
Dick Hjelseth and Sarah Schumacher
Kara and Patrick Hobart
Stephanie and Jeramiah Hockwalt
Shayna and Patrick Hoechst
Donald and Carole Hoeft
Adam Hoenshell and Kady Bryant
Debra Hoffmann and Wiley Sharp
Nancy and Gregory Hoffmann
Sandra and James Holcomb
Carole and Jon Holcombe / Jon and Carole Holcombe Fund
Ken and Elizabeth Holec
John Holm and JC St. Onge-Holm
Ms. Janet L. Holmes^
Lisa and Amy Holmes
Randall and Julie Holmes
Joseph Homme and Jamie Fischbach
David Honkanen and Laurie Lewandowski
Clint and Jessica Hooppaw
Joan and Paul Hoover
Jane Hotzler
Ellen and Anna Huang
Hu Huang and Thomas Trombley
Franklin Hubred
Sarah and Richard Huffman
Caitlin Hull
Anna Hulstein
Marie and Timothy Humbert
Eric Hunt and Colleen Rivard Hunt
Robert and Jennifer Hussey
Bruce E. and Terry L. Hutchins
David and Kathleen Ingraham
Rex and Monica Ingram
Alyssa and Sachin Isaacs
Kathryn Jackels and Dan Dokkebakken
Raymond and Judy Jackson
Sandra and Rick Jackson
Constance Jacobs and Judith Wanschura
Casey and Kyle Jenness
Megan and Adam Jennings
Jani Jensen and Anthony Montabon
Jessica Jernigan and Elaine Rasch
Bradley and Amanda Jewell
Mark and Sandra Jezierski
Shelley and Benjamin Johannesen
Andrew and Kathryn Johnson
Eric and Susan Johnson
Erik and Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Jim and Nancy Johnson
Kathleen and Christopher Johnson
Laura Johnson and Bill Brantly
Lisa and David Johnson / Lisa and David Johnson Charitable Giving Fund
Micayla and Jared Johnson
Renee and Jeff Johnson
Tiffany and Joseph Johnson
Heather Johnston and Jason Koch
Tyler and Sophia Jones
Dennis and Heidi Jongquist
Emily and Ian Jura-Baum
Sheila Juran
Daniel and Lori Kadrlik
Bailee and Cliff Kaehler
Phyllis Kahn
Tamara and Kevin Kampfe
Elizabeth Kane and Nick Klebs
Elaine Kaney
Kim Kang
Theo Kanning and Hannah Skopec
Jennifer and Marc Karos
Deborah and Rick Karulf
Sheryl and Daniel Kasper
James and Sarah Kaul
Karmela and Michael Kearney
Cheri Kedrowski and Victor Barocas
Dan and Dana Keeley
Maria and John Kehoe
Sophie and Stephen Kelley
Rodney and Kathy Kendell
Cody and Abby Kendrick
Timothy and Susan Kennedy
Will and Linda Kenny
Heather and Andrew Kerchner
Jill M. Kielblock
Beth Kiene
Thomas and Anna Kieselbach
Elizabeth and Steven Kincaid
Elizabeth and Aaron Kirchner
John Kirchner
Bradley and Berkis Kirscher
Carlton Kittleson
Jerome and Tamera Klapak
Andrew and Kate Klaphake
Cynthia and Greg Klaus
Alice Klein
Melissa and Jason Kleinhuizen
Paul Klinge
Pamela Klossner and Alison Miller
Becky and Jerry Knickerbocker
Christine and Paul Knirk
John Knoedler and Maureen Kane
Joseph and Nancy Knollenberg
Darlene and James Knutson
Nicole and Joshua Knutson
Clare and Charles Koch
Agnes and Bryan Koehn
Sara and Tom Kohen
Sharon and John Kohlhaas
Ted and Marjorie Kolderie
John and Jennifer Koniges
Rachel Konzem and Garrett Maas
Richard and Susan Kopher
Richard and Barbara Kraft
Tony and Beverly Krall
Elizabeth and Andrew Kramer
Penny Kranz
Gary Kravitz and Anna Schorer
Erika and Matthew Kreger
Felicia and Nathan Krick
Kristin and Matthew Kro
Kristina Kroeger
Dan Kroyer
Rod and Barbara Krueger
Curtis Kruger
Michele Kubista
Sue and Rick Kubler
William and Diane Kuhlmann
Robert Kulzer
Kathryn and John Kummer
Susan and Don Kunelius
David and Wendy Kunz
Amanda and Philip Kuper
Gregory and Lisa Kupp
Shelley Kurzeka-Jung and Tom Jung
Tiffany and Chad LaBahn
Jonathan C. Lacey
Sunil and Elena Lachhiramani
Nicholas and Constance LaFond
Ryan and Gretchen Lake
Tonu and Virginia Lang
Mary and Brian LaPlant
Karen Larsen
Pamela and Brian Larson
Travis and Melodie LaTraille
Loren Laugtug
David Laursen and Amy Lavaille
Kelly Lauwagie and Brett Dittrich
Sarah Lawler
Brenda and Peter Lawrence
Matt and Trisha Leaf
Donald and Joann Leavenworth
Brian and Elizabeth Lee
Julie and Ong Lee
Linda and Curtis Lee
Nancy and Kelly Lee
William and Sharol Lehnertz
Sandra Leifermann and Alissa Babcock
Nancy Leitch and Paul Amundson
Joshua and Marie Lemon
Peter and Catherine Lenagh
Vanda A. Lennon
Lisa Beth Lentini and William Walker
Jeff and Kara Lepley
Ryan and Josephine Lesnau
Nicole Letawsky Shultz and Joseph Shultz
Jon and Lisa Lewis
Bruce and Mary Kay Lick
Laurie and Joseph Lin
Randall Lindberg and Grace Li
Ashley and Aaron Lindholm
Greg and Sigrid Lindholm
Abby and Jesse Linn
Keith and Lynn Linné
M. Rebecca Loader and Michael Ritchie
Nancy and Thomas Loesch
Rachel London-Nyhus and Sean Nyhus
Darek Long and Paul Ruder
Lorelei and Nick Lorentz
Sarah and Brook Lorntson
Marvin Loxterkamp
Jennifer Lucas
Bruce and Debbie Lundeen
John Lundsten
Matt Lupton and Cheryl Black
David and Elizabeth Lyman
Andrew and Amy Maas
Lois M. Mack
Laraine MacKenzie
Wendy Madden and Jess Mingo
Charlie and Amanda Madison
Jessica Madole° and Mark Spickelmier
Carolyn Mager and Ryan Chadderdon
Valerie and Zachary Magnuson
Pamela and Kevin Magyar
Joseph and Deborah Mahoney
Peter and Lynn Mallinger
David and Jenifer Malm
Richard and Hanae Mansfield
Karen and Paul Mara
Gregg Marg and Sue Steck
Larry Marik
Emily and Ryan Markoe
John Markoe
Anne Marlotte
Marnie and Jordan Marmet
Chandra and Lee Marshall
Michael and Monica Marshall
Chris Martin
Mary and Jason Martin
Joseph and Nadia Martyn
Amanda and Brenda Mason
Brandon and Casey Mason
Tom and JoAnn Mason
Julie and John Mathews
Kelly and Ryan Mathews
Erin and Jeff Matschiner
Rick and Jennifer Mattox
Natasha Matza
Dan and Gabby Matzdorff
David and Pauline Maus
Heather and Brian Mavencamp
Antonio Mazzaferro
Elizabeth McAfee and Barbara McKinney
Robert and Virginia McCann
Sandra McCarthy
Carla and John McClellan
John McConnell
Katherine McCord and Chris Hamman
Polly and Robert McCrea / Robert and Polly McCrea Family Fund
Aja McCullough Beers and Eric Beers
Elisabeth and Hugh McCutcheon
Dena McDonald-Watschke and Dennis McDonald
Dale and Kathleen McFarlane
Luke McGregor and Alyssa Goldberg
Amy and Ranae McGuire
Monica and Matt McGuire
Paul McGuire
Elizabeth McIntosh
Michelle and Paul McIntosh
Ruth and Iain McIntyre
Joseph McManmon and Michael White
Michelle and Patrick McNallan
Harry G. McNeely Jr, Jr.
Grant and Ame McRandall
Brian and Julie Meier
Michael and Linda Merchant
Danielle and Rachel Mercurio
Christopher Merton and Nina Ritchie
Gregory and Linda Messetler
Britany and Teri Metz
James Meyer
Lowell and Brian Meyer
Lynne and Craig Meyer
Scott and Elizabeth Meyer
Erin and Chris Michael
Miranda and Ryan Miest
Cindi Miller
Leah and Ruth Miller
Linda Miller
Robert and Carrie Miller
Jacob and Angela Mincheff
Suzanne and William Minor
Raymond and Amy Mitchell
Heather Mockler and Craig Schardt
Elizabeth and Josh Moe
Chris and Molly Moede
Jacob and Holly Moen
Sachin Mohan and Priyanka Sabharwal
Dale and Carol Molback
Christine and Thomas Moore
Jeff and Jennifer Moore
Inar and Susan Morics
Jeanette and John Morrison
James and Jane Morrow
Lois and Kent Mortensen
Robert and Patricia Muchow
Vincent and Susan Muehe
John and Charlene Mueller
Andrew and Melissa Munger
Jean Muntifering^
Michael and Mary Murati
Brian and Nicole Murphy
Robert Murphy
Melissa and Chris Murray
Ray and Melissa Murray
Meadow Muska and Bridget Doak
Josephine Muske
Megan and Michael Muske
David Muysson and Maibel Ferrer
Jen Myers Nodes and Troy Nodes
Peter and Karla Myers
Patty and Dale Nachman
Michelle and Peter Nagel
Ted and Judy Nagel
Bridget and Bennett Nason
Karen and Brandon Nathan
Mara and Montian Natrakul
Stacy Neal and Casey Burrows
Royce Neibert
Julie and Joe Neisius
Cheryl and John Neithercott
Autumn and Martin Nelson
Curtis and Kim Nelson
Diane M. Nelson
Emma Nelson
Eric and Elin Nelson
John and Phoebe Nelson
Larissa Nelson and Jeanette Thomas
Pamela and Kristine Nelson
Vonnie Nelson^
Christie and Win Neuger
Hallie and Jason Neuhaus
Shirley and Mark Neukom
Lee and Eric Neumann
Timothy Neville and Kayla Barry
Kimberly and Corey Newby
Vicki and David Newendorp
Eric and Jennifer Newman
Gerry and Jeanne Nichols
Richard and Kim Niedzielski
Mary and Philip Nielsen
Gregory and Suzanne Niemi
Melayna and Heddi Nieuwsma
Ryan and Jessica Niroomand-Rad
Mark E. Niznik
Kelly and William Noguera
Jane Nolting-Brown and Gerald Brown
Jennifer and Andrew Norgren
Juli and Harlan Northey
Annika and Gregory Nygren
Lenae Nygren and Jennifer Lovejoy
Dan and Pat Oakes
James and Sonja Odland
Sheena and Kyle O’Donnell
Bethany and Kevin Olander
Denise Olsen and Michaela Ohman
Amy Olson
Kevin and Barb Olson
Christa and Doug Opheim
J. Ethan and Reiner Otterlei
Matt Otto and Margaret Vogel-Otto
Ute Outlaw and Christiane Porter
Barb and Katie Overman
Neil and Sarah Oxendale
Lynn and Kjersten Page
Phillip and Robin Pagel
Heidi° and Dan Paltzer
Andrew Pann
Joel and Kimberly Pap
Nichole Parker and Chris Chryssovergis
Gregg Parmentier
Hannah Paulson
Danielle and Ben Paulzine
James Payne
Kelly Pearson and Kaitlyn Ingli
Mark Pearson and Jill Pennie
Kari and Shawn Pederson
Richard and Mary Ann Pedtke / Richard and Mary Ann Pedtke
          Charitable Foundation
Marcia and Phil Peelor
Katharine and Michael Pelican
Dana and Jessica Penkivech
Kevin and Elizabeth Peters
Suzy Peterson D.O.
Conrad and Natalia Peterson
David and Mary Peterson
Jerod Peterson and Anne Henry
Shelly and Lee Peterson
Susan Peterson and Courtney Becker
Therese and Wayne Peterson
Ruth Petran and Roger Olsen
Loretta Pfannes and Lance Ross
Jennifer Phelps
Darlene and James Philip
Emily and Laura Pini-Fay
Brian Plantenberg
Marcus and Alicia Ploeger
Brecke and Jerome Plourde
Peggy and Edward Pluimer
Liz Poferl
Melissa and Larye Pohlman
Gregg and Jana Poppe
Lindsey and Steve Port
Traci and Jay Portwood
Roy and Kath Possehl
Dan Pou and Chris Krogh
Jennifer and Todd Powell
Ms. Cynthia L. Pratt
Kenneth Preimesberger
Nick and Judy Priadka
Mark Price and Julie Brown-Price
Christopher and Bridget Pritchard
Kendahl Prokop
Robert Propf
Crystal and Clint Pulk
Laurie J. Pumper
Al and Paula Putirskis
Maddie and Maggie Quinn
Paula and Tom Quinn
Patrick and Amber Rach
Rita and Allan Radke
Shawn and Chelsea Radke
Butch and Jill Rahn
Toni Rahn and Brian Solsrud
Julie and Steve Ransom
Kelly Ratcliff and Tara Kurt
Michelle and Adrian Ratnayake
Dustin Reed and Heather Dodds
Michael and Margaret Reier
Roberta Reilly
Jack and Ronald Reimann
Melissa Remick° and Brandon McGrath
Matthew Rench and Charmaine Lee
Stephanie and Matthew Repke
Elinor and Christopher Rettig
Shannon Rhatigan° and Christopher Olsen
Andrew and Sophie Rich
Nikolas and Nicole Richards
Shannon and Jesse Richardson
Andrea and Ben Richter
Jorge Rivas
Zachary and Clara Rivers
Will Robbins and Melissa Holm
Jeff and Mary Jo Roberg
Andrew and Kathleen Roberts
Bill and Barbara Roberts
Brian Robinson
Tim and Kristin Robinson
Chad Rocco
Meghan and Jeff Rodgers
Antonio and Marci Rodriguez
Rachel Roe and Chelsey Bergman
Brenda Roemhildt and Katie Nagel
Katie and Troy Roff
Richard Rogozinski and Diane Torrey
Joan and Luis Rojas
Chuck and Jean Ronnei
Kristen and Thomas Root
Terrie and Larry Rose
Sheri Rosen and Jeremie Kass
Lauren Roso
Claire° and Scott Ross
Anne and Jerome Rossi
Cheryl and Kenneth Roufs
Judy and Ken Rouse
Sherry and James Rudin
Joshua and Amy Ruegg
Charles and Priscilla Ruemping
Steven and Carolyn Russell
Regina Ryan and Michael Rattigan
Kymberly and Joe Saba
Christopher and Barbara Sabal
Tyler and Kate Sahnow
Martina Sailer and Jesse Cook
Mark and Marianne Salter
Wayne and Bonnie Sandbulte
Tom and Sheva Sanders
Alisha Santoorjian Thunstrom and Jay Thunstrom
Michael and Delina Sarazine
Roxana Saucedo
Jessie Saul and Paul Bower
Mary Kay and Orville Sauter
Kristin and Justin Schaack
Stephen and Tessa Schatteman / Schatteman Family Fund
Jonathan and Theresa Schatz
Susan Scheefe
Kevin and Celia Scheel
Sandy Scherb^
Lisa and Jay Schlosser
Nate and Megan Schlueter
Brian and Emily Schmalz
Andy Schmidt
Cecelia and James Schmidt
Corey and Lindsay Schmidt
John Schmidt
Mark and Linda Schmidt
Shaneen and Kent Schmidt
Shannon and Jeff Schmidt
Lisa and Ben Schmiesing
Timothy and Julia Schmolke
Jeff and Donna Schneider
Michael and Dawn Schnorr
Christopher and Marcee Schramm
David Schroepfer
Kirby and Juanita Schueler
Brian and Ellen Schultz
Catie and Jake Schurman
Derek and Sonelle Schutz
Jennifer and Jason Schwartz
Todd Schwartz
Sarah Schwarzhoff
Michael and Lisa Schwie
Larry and Kristin Schwietz
Josh and Rachel Schwingler
Rachel and Timothy Scobie
Melissa and Travis Scoles
Barbara Scott
Ben and Riddell Scott
John and Kevin Scott
Lynelle and Tom Scullard
Todd Sebahar and Cassandra Stacy
Nathan and Angela Seibel
Stephanie and Timothy Selisker
Anah and Paul Sellers
Margaret Semrud Clikeman
Mark and Suzanne Senn
Kevin and Katie Sevcik
Paul and Susan Severson
Scott and Theresa Seys
Steve Shadwick and Mey Nevo
Margaret and Thomas Shannon
James Sharer
Michelle Sharp and Raphael Jones
Elisha and Colin Shaughnessy
Megan Shaughnessy and Kurt Hessen
Brian and Holly Shea
Dean and Ruth Shumway
Ellie and Lance Siler
Barbara and Todd Sipe
Chris and Caitlin Sipe
Allison and Erik Skoglund
Julie and Jacob Skowronek
Alison and Curtis Smith
Arthur Smith and Marcia Thoen
Dale^ and Janice Smith
Jim and Joanne Smith
Matthew and Margaret Smith
Lyssa and Patrick Smock
Ann and Alex Sneiders
Pam Sordet and Scott Nelson
Peter and Joanna Sorenson
Jodi and Daniel Souba
Kathy and Steve Soucy
Merrisue and Dean Soutor
Tiffany and Paul Spakousky
Carolyn and Lawrence Spargo
Trent and Diana Spurgeon
Dan St. Onge and Heidi Heinz
Thomas and Jodi Stachel
Glenn and Pam Stading
Melissa and Wayne Steege
Corlin and Emily Stelter
Lindsay and Erin Stemig
Kyle and Kendall Stevens
Sharon and Eldridge Stevson
Michael and Shirley Stickle
Kenneth W. Stolper
Kari and Camille Storey
Robert Story and Ashley Wencel
Judith and Robert Straub
Mark and Joan Strobel
Michael and Shelley Strobel
Diane Strom and Jim Vincent
Nicole and Ryan Strusz
Sean Stucke and Rachel Wilson-Stucke
Michele and Bryan Stumpf
Sarah and Mischa Suemnig
Becki Suleski
Abby and Mike Summerfield
Duncan and Molly Susee
Daniel and Renae Sussman
Amy and John Sutton
Nancy and Duane Swanson
Michael and Nina Sweeney
Sean Switzer and Christa Brown-Switzer
The Alfred E. and Margaret I. Syring Fund
Michael and Melissa Taney
Linda^ and John Tantzen
Jay and Jennifer Tauer
Robert Tautges
Kevin and Katie Tavares
Beverly Taylor
Velma Teichroew
Michelle Templer
Joseph and Mark Thayer
Jon and Hannah Theisen
Michael Thiesen
Paul and Cathleen Thom
Kim Thomas°
Judith and Peder Thompson
Nick and Melanie Thompson
Sarah and Chris Thompson
Stephen Thompson
Todd and Cindy Thompson
Valerie and Charles Thompson
Richard and Amanda Thomson
Jan and Mark Tiggas
Bruce and Janet Tockman
Shawn and Brooke Toews
Monica Toledo and Christopher DiRocco
Tyler and Elizabeth Tovsen
Jean and Michael Train
Susan and Ron Trainis
Bryan and Mary Trandem
Kathy Tri
Tracy and Scott Trosen
Cathy and Skip Troyak
Cheryl and Kelli Turcotte
Sara and Cole Turnbow
Douglas and Mara Lee Tye
Megan and Andrew Ulland
Stephen and Christine Ullom
Hollie and Ryan Ulwelling
Cathy and Bret Undem
Aaron and Natalee Uran
Sarah and Chris Uwimana
Kirk and Susan Vadnais
Chandrasekhar Valavoju and Jyothi Thummalapally
Diane Van Beck
Jennifer and Michael VanArsdale
Gerhardt and Stephanie VanDerBeek
Joseph and Karen Vandermark
Sherry VanDuyn Parker and Tim Parker
David Vanney and Catharine Ruther
Gloria and Milan Vano
Joesph and Margaret Vargo
Elizabeth Vavra
John and Candace Vegter
James and Ruth Verner
Caroline Vernon and Bruce Holcomb / Caroline Vernon and
          Bruce Holcomb Fund
Matthew and Anita Vettel
James and Katherine Vetter
Mary and Joe Viavattine
Jane and John Victorey
Todd and Christabelle Vigil
Donna and Harris Viker
Yan and Kristina Vinnik
Sudeep Vishnumurtgy and Swathy Rao
Rachel and Nick Vogel
Jennifer and Bram Vollebregt
Zak and Katie Vork
Jeremy and Rose Voss
Thomas and Rose Wahl
Joyce and Dennis Wahr
Jason Wainwright and Jennifer Metzger
Kelsey and Chris Waits
David and Andrea Walkosz
Sarah and Christopher Wall
Haley Waller Pitts and Steven Pitts
Jamie Walski and Marcos Lopez-Carlson
Lisa and Jay Ward
Delores Wasenius-Hanson and Lloyd Hanson
Jon and Rachel Watson
Terrae and Jack Weatherman
Frank and Sue^ Weaver
Cheryl and Thomas Webb
Linda and Michael Weber
Anne Weber-Smith°
Benjamin and Kelly Webster
Benjamin Weeks and Jenny Gassman-Pines
Kyle and Rachel Weeks
Kathy and David Weierke
Gordon Weil and Therese Tennessen Weil
William and Diana Weller
Brad and Kristen Welnick
Sara Wenderski and Jason Yurek
Leann West and Brett Schneider
Sara and Jeff West
Samantha Westerhouse and Matt Van Thomme
Michele and Jeremy Westlake
Dina and Mark Westlund
Chelsea and Bray Wheeler
Catherine and Eric White
Marya M. White
Patricia Wick
Dave and Karin Wicker
Thomas and Lynn Wieczorek
Joel and Sheryl Wilhelm
Charles Willcox
Charlene and Brett Willenbring
Patricia and Brent Willi
Annette and Larry Williams
Ryan and Rashni Williams
Andy and Whitney Winkels
Zoe and Michael Wisnoski
Joe and Selma Witcher
Joe and Roxanne Wittwer
Natalie and Jeff Wobbema
Danielle and Janie Wolf
Dennis and Lindsey Wolfe
Jessica and Jacob Wolters
Michael and Michelle Wood
Mathew and Christina Woodlee
Megan and Michael Woods
Susan and Tim Woolard / Woolard Charitable Account
Andrew and Delilah Worcester
David Wren and Juliana Daklin-Wren
Susan and Michael Wuollett
Richard and Nancy Wyatt
Kristian and Nicola Wyrobek
Mark and Sarah Yamaguchi
James and Tina Yang
Thomas and Edyta Yost
Gordon Young
Peter and Susanna Young
Laura and Joseph Zabell
Zani Family
Nick Zeitler and Essie Geiger
Remington and Kelly Zellmer
Kirsten Zerhusen
Bernie and Evie Zeruhn
Joan and Larry Zielke
Pamela and Aimee Zollinger

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