An Ongoing Legacy

“Dr. Ulysses S. Seal arguably had a greater positive impact on the science and practice of zoo management and species conservation than any other individual.”  L.G. Simmons

The Minnesota Zoo is an award winning leader in conservation worldwide today, thanks to a great extent to Uly Seal, one of the Zoo’s first Board Chairs. His innovation and determination helped develop conservation programs in use by hundreds of zoos and conservation organizations today. To honor his legacy, the Zoo created the Ulysses S. Seal Conservation Grant Program which allows staff to extend the reach of current conservation work.

  • The Uysses S Seal Conservation Grant Program awards grants to projects championed by Zoo and Foundation staff promoting the conservation of wildlife
  • Zoo and Foundation Staff often have the opportunity to participate directly in the projects they champion – making them an even better ambassador for animals and conservation when they return to the Zoo.
  • The funding for this program comes entirely from private contributions and makes a lasting impact on our world
  • $48,000 in grants in FY19

  • More than 250 grants awarded since the program began
  • 172 projects
  • 60 countries
  • Recent conservation projects include:
    • Tracking sand tiger sharks along the North Carolina coast;
    • Mapping biodiversity in Cuba;
    • Native wildlife rehabilitation in Namibia;
    • Scarlet Macaw Protection Program;
    • Coral conservation and reef restoration;
    • The Swedish Arctic Fox Project at Stockholm University;
    • Community-led seahorse conservation in southwest Cambodia
    • Conservation of threatened cavity-nesting birds and their Atlantic forest communities in Argentina
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